Plunket acknowledges Māori midwife founders

By Mahina Hurkmans

Plunket has worked alongside artist Len Hetet to create a new logo that incorporates tamariki and their parents together with the story of two Māori midwives who established the service. 

For over one hundred years Plunket has been offering their services, but it's only until now the whole story of how they were established has been acknowledged. 

Plunket's CEO Amanda Malu explains, "The story begins with two local taua, two Māori midwives and healers Mere Harper and Ria Tikini who worked in that community with the sick and often worked with their friend and neighbour Truby King and they took the baby that would become the very first plunket baby."

Both women have now been embedded in the new logo as a reminder of their efforts. 

This story is also very personal for the CEO of Plunket, Mere Harper was her great-great-grandmother.

Amanda says their new logo is a clear reminder that Plunket will do more for Māori and their whānau.