Plunket to provide free parenting and pregnancy education

From January 1 2016, Plunket will be providing free district health board-funded pregnancy and parenting education on the West Coast of the South Island. 

First time parents are being encouraged to sign up for Plunket's free programme as soon as their pregnancy is confirmed.

Plunket won a contract that allows them to develop a range of course delivery options to meet the needs of parents. They will focus on reaching first time parents, especially those living in remote areas, Māori, Pacific, Asian parents, and parents under 24 years of age.

The new contract also means there will be more emphasis on how parents can keep healthy during pregnancy.

Plunket Southern Operations Manager Sonya Gale says,  “We’re looking forward to offering families free parenting education at an earlier stage in their parenting journey,” 

“We will offer parents the same high quality education about pregnancy and birth, and also how to look after and build a relationship with their newborn. It will also give families the chance to meet Plunket people and find out what services they can access, whether that’s playgroups or PlunketLine.”

Plunket will continue to improve access to education for parents through the use of technology and to provide online education programmes for more remote areas, which will then help increase access to pregnancy and parenting education.

For more information on this or to book a class with Plunket, you can check out their website or phone 0800 291 658.