PM adamant on TPP views despite calls to hold off

By Heta Gardiner

As the signing of the TPP draws near, Prime Minister John Key is sticking to his guns, and talking up the agreement.  This is despite a call from Māori to hold off on the signing.

A new year for the Prime Minister, and he isn't backing down, on his views on the TPPA. 

John Key says, "The TPPA will be signed on the 4th of February."

Māori asked that the signing of the agreement be delayed, and the challenge was laid down at Rātana. 

Rāhui Papa says, "Closed door negotiations don't work for Māori, Prime Minister!"

But the Prime Minister is adamant there are benefits.

"This will mean more jobs, more income.  We're not gonna get rich selling to ourselves," he says.

The Māori Party says it will not support any Free Trade agreement that impinges on the Treaty rights of Māori.

Te Ururoa Flavell says, "If there is anything in there that goes against the Treaty of Waitangi, or the rights of New Zealand, we will not support it."

"The issue is, some Māori say they are opposed to it, and some think it's not too bad an idea," he adds.

Meanwhile Trade Minister Todd Mclay says it won't undermine Treaty of Waitangi rights for Māori. 

Flavell says, "I've told the new minister Todd McClay, that he needs to consult with Māori.  That has been arranged, for him to consult with Māori around the country."

The TPP will be signed on February 4.