PM condemns horrific attack in France

By Te Ao Māori News

One of the three men being sought in a manhunt in Paris who police believe are responsible for killing 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper offices has reportedly given himself up.

According to reports, 18 year old Hamyd Mourad gave himself up and police are still searching for 2 brothers in their 30s, Said Kouachi, Cherif Kouachi.

There have also been reports in French Media that anti terror raids are underway. 

Prime Minister, John Key released a statement today saying, “Our thoughts are with the families of those who have lost loved ones, those injured in this brutal attack, and the people of France.”

The French authorities have confirmed the shooting was politically motivated.

According to reports three men sought out specific journalists within the company and targeted them.

Video posted online also shows the offenders shooting a victim as they escaped the scene.

Key says, “The targeting of journalists going about their daily work is an attack on the fourth estate and the democratic principles of freedom of speech and expression, which must be strongly condemned.”

According to Mr Francois Hollande, President of the Republic, "the cowardly attack also killed two police officers, the very ones who were responsible for protecting Charlie Hebdo and its editorial staff who have been threatened for years by obscurantism and who defended the freedom of expression.”

“Today it is the Republic as a whole that has been attacked. The Republic equals freedom of expression; the Republic equals culture, creation, it equals pluralism and democracy. That is what the assassins were targeting. It equals the ideal of justice and peace that France promotes everywhere on the international stage, and the message of peace and tolerance that we defend – as do our soldiers – in the fight against terrorism and fundamentalism.”

There are currently no reports of any New Zealanders caught up in the attack, and New Zealanders in Paris have been advised to follow the advice of the local authorities.

Heeni Brown will have more information on this story at 5:30 and 7pm with subtitles.