PM confirms tight security for TPP officials tomorrow

By Renee Kahukura-Iosefa

Prime Minister John Key says there will be tight security around TPP officials for the signing at Skycity in Auckland tomorrow.  All eyes will be on New Zealand with over 100 media outlets covering the signing. 

It's plain to see around Sky City security measures are in place for tomorrow's signing of the TPPA. 

The media team from NHK will be closely investigating the signing of the TPP following the recent resignation of Akira Amari, the Minister of Trade for Japan, amidst claims of bribery and scandal. 

Japanese reporter, Yoshiyuk Aoki says, "Japan's trades minister, who was a negotiator at the TPPA, he resigned last week because of a bribery scandal.  He played one of the main roles in the negotiations of the 12 countries.  He was a chief negotiator from the Japanese government.  He has that responsibility, in terms of negotiating among the other 11 countries."

134 media from around the world will cover the signing of the TPP tomorrow.  For each of the 12 countries involved the focus will be on the direct impact the TPP will now have on each country. 

Tomorrow the signing of the TPPA will be covered all around the world.