PM: 'I will visit Ihumātao'

By Te Ao - Māori News

The Prime Minister says she will visit Ihumātao but is endeavouring to find a solution first.

When asked by Te Ao political reporter Tema Hemi if the Kiingitanga had ever requested her presence at Ihumātao, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern responded:

"No, and I have sought advice and spoken with the King about the request that I've had to visit.

"And so I'm very mindful though, while the flag was flying the job that we needed to do, which was more about finding that solution."

Ardern says she will visit at a future point, "The visit to the whenua in my mind was always in part to demonstrate to me the value of the land.

"I always understood that and so yes I will visit but that's never stopped me from being focused on finding that solution."

The Prime Minister would not say exactly when she would visit Ihumātao but suggested a solution needed to be found first.

"I'm hoping that we can do it at a time where we know what the future will be."