Police Book aims to encourage future recruits

By Talisa Kupenga

Potential future police recruits got the chance to be real policemen today at the 'My Police Adventure' book launch. Students at Auckland's Te Papapa School were the first to try the book, which as new police recruits, they get to find, catch, and take a burglar to court.

Policemen for the day, police recruits for tomorrow.

That's one of the goals of the 'My Police Adventure' book that was launched in Auckland today.

"I just hope that it give the kids some sort of understanding of how police work is done and a sense of achievement”, Auckland Policeman and book Author Constable Rob Stanton says.

“They get to work their way through it and solve the case."

The Eagle helicopter landed and the police dogs arrived.

One student’s favorite part was “the dogs and being a police when I'm older”

But the book aims to achieve much more.

Detective Jason Hohepa says it was also about being able to relate to the children.

"Firstly we hope this book helps the kids feel comfortable with policemen, secondly we hope the book encourages some of them to become police recruits themselves.”

The book allows children to become a police trainee for the day. They solve puzzles to find, catch and take a burglar to court.

"I like how it’s fun and you get to help the police solve the crimes and catch the burglars,” says seven-year-old Kaedyn Thrupp.

"It's fun because you can know how to be a police...when you're not even a police,” says eight-year-old Aleisha Daniels.

The seed has been planted at Te Papapa School for tomorrow’s police recruits.