Police investigating 'blow it up' Tamaki threat

By Te Ao - Māori News

Above: 'Blow it up' Brian Tamaki makes threat to vaccination vans. Source / Destiny Church

Brian Tamaki is under investigation after making explosive comments during a sermon at a destiny church congregation yesterday, threatening to blow up mobile vaccination clinics to prevent the roll out of Covid-19 vaccinations for children.

The sermon was in opposition to the future vaccine rollout for 5-11 year old children starting in January 2022.

In the sermon Tamaki said 'they want to touch our children, they’re coming for our kids' adding he would 'go to the school and fight for them'.  Tamaki said “I’ll stand down there and I'll take that school apart. If you go in there with your wagon, I'll tow your wagon away and I'll get the boys to blow it up and all your syringes, we'll run you out of town."

A police spokesperson reported that they were 'assessing the information they have received' and gave no further comment. The investigation will assess whether Tamaki will face criminal charges.

In recent months Tamaki has emerged as a vocal opposition to the Covid-19 vaccination program and the New Zealand government's vaccine mandates, alongside several other church leaders including Peter Mortlock of City impact.

Tamaki is facing multiple charges of speaking at anti-lockdown and anti-mandate protests led by his 'Freedom and Rights Coalition' group.

He was charged on three separate occasions for breach of Auckland lockdown regulations and breach of bail, having appeared at events following his release from custody.

Tamaki is set to appear in court in January, with wife Hannah Tamaki also set to appear on two counts of failing to comply with a Covid-19 order, 2 days after her husband.

Brian Tamaki has plead not guilty to all charges.