Police search for missing man at McLaren Falls


One man has drowned and police will resume their search for another man at McLaren Falls Park, Kaimai this morning.

According to Police 2 men were seen going into the water just after 5pm yesterday and both disappeared underwater.

The incident began when one of the men apparently fell from a rope swing and the other went in to the water to help him.

One of them has since been recovered and the other is still missing.

The deceased was in his 20s and the man missing is also in his 20s. Police are in contact with families, but say it is not appropriate to provide further details at this time.

The search continued yesterday until after 11pm and McLaren Falls Park was cordoned off overnight

According to the latest information, the Police National Dive Squad has made its way to the area from Wellington and will be briefed shortly.

Police have also been assisted in the search by the TECT rescue helicopter, Tauranga USAR, Tauranga LandSAR, Tauranga Coastguard, Papamoa Surf Life Saving and AREC (Amateur Radio Emergency Communications).

The search is expected to resume sometime this morning.