Police target Māori in their recruitment

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

NZ Police opened have opened the lid on their work, holding displays and recruitment drives in several events held around the country.

National Police Open Day saw over 300 people gathered at Ellerslie Racecourse in Auckland to find out what it takes to be a Police officer.

Officer Nga-Wati Chaplow from Ngāi Te Rangi says, "We want to show what we do, who we are and also to build a relationship with the community."

The Police are looking to recruit more staff and Officer Chaplow believes more Māori is needed in the force, “At the moment there are very few, but the NZ Police want to recruit more Māori officers.”

They are also looking to break down barriers and changing attitudes towards Police. For Officer Chaplow it’s all about helping people understand the job “That’s why we are here today, like I said previously we want to show them what do.”