Police urge public to stay home for Easter holidays

By Bronson Perich

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster has a simple message for those that want to leave town for Easter holidays.

“They should change their plans immediately," Commissioner Coster says.

He then relayed some vital statistics of police action during the lockdown.

  • 45 prosecutions
  • 309 warnings
  • 13 youth referrals

Commissioner Coster confirmed that they had been 37,000 reports to police regarding lockdown violations. 7,000 of which were about businesses and organisations. 8 police staff have self iolsated because they have spat at by people claiming to have COVID-19 or have shown sickness symptoms. The number of police staff with COVID-19 remains at 2.

Concerning those who would spread CVOID-19 by deliberately spitting or coughing on others, the Commissioner says:

"They risk being charged with 'Infecting with Disease', under the Crimes Act and face a penalty of up to fourteen years imprisonment," Commissioner Coster concludes.