Police use Car-eoke to spread Easter safety message

By Ani-Oriwia Adds

New Zealand Police are using their recent social media fame to continue spreading the important message of road safety over Easter. Car-e-oke is the latest video that features a Palmerston North based policeman singing to a catchy Earth Wind and Fire tune to remind people about the importance of taking care on the roads.

Senior Sergeant Nathan Davis told Te Kāea, “To reach 170,000 people who have watched, that’s fantastic. Hopefully, we’ve got 170,000 people who are going to be thinking about the way they drive this weekend so everyone gets home.”

The New Zealand Police has been making waves on social media lately, posting entertaining videos of themselves dancing and singing to promote important messages in a way that's going to capture people's attention. The latest of these videos is a catchy car-e-oke number by Palmerston North officer Nathan Davis encouraging safe driving on the roads over Easter.

“Social media is a magnificent communication tool. I think with 170,000 views that demonstrate how powerful it is. It projects us into people’s homes, computer, into their pockets on their phones.”

The road toll over has increased by 165 so far in the last year. Davis says it's so important to communicate how important it is to be safe on the roads in whatever way that we can.

“Hopefully people see more than a blue vest and a navy blue shirt. They actually see the person in it. If we can get our messages across with a bit of comedy and with the medium of song that’s great. We should be trying to connect with as many people as possible.”

Davis says their approach has been effective so far and they will continue to communicate these messages in the best way that they can.