Police warn against black market oysters

By Te Ao Māori News

Over 500kg of oysters were stolen by thieves from Whangaroa in Northland. The owner of the oysters, Owen Robertson, has posted a reward to help find the thieves. The farmer is also warning people not to buy or eat any of the oysters from the black market.

The oyster theft has prompted Owen Robertson to offer a reward.

Owen Robertson says, “The mongrels go out there in boats after dark and take them.”

Police say the public need to be aware that if they buy stolen oysters they could be putting their health at risk and committing an offence.

Robertson says the people who take these oysters are only out for financial gain.

38 sacks, each containing nine dozen oysters, were taken. The haul could fetch over $3400 on the black market.

Robertson says, “When my oysters were taken the water wasn't safe to eat from because there was too much fresh water and too much runoff from farms. They just don't care.”

Police are urging people to call their nearest police station if they have been offered shellfish in suspicious circumstances.