Political agenda revealed in Tamaki/Trump-ish protest at Parliament

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

One of the speakers at today's unruly protest outside Parliament was cheered on by 1000 people as he likened today to "our 9/11", before denouncing the Labour government and all the other political parties as dictators and cowards, then described the judiciary as corrupt and New Zealand media evil. He also promised "the people" would take back their "House".

It was a mixed bag of concerns that amalgamated into mayhem. There were flags, signs, songs and aggression. 

While most people were there to protest against the government's mandates and lockdown restrictions, there were some there for everything from 1080, to others flying Trump flags and MAGA caps and others flying Tino Rangatiratanga flags. Some even wore swastikas. Many strongly abused t journalists and camera operators covering the event.

And they brought their own cameras to "cover" the event, which appeared live on Facebook together with a tribute from Hannah Tamaki, to her husband Apostle Brian Tamaki, the leader of Destiny Church, who is on bail on charges involving a protest he led in Auckland's Domain some weeks ago. The other organiser of that event, who is also on bail, has since caught Covid-19.

Sound and fury

Leading from the front the so-called 'freedoms and rights coalition' had everyone from the elderly, parents and children assemble at the steps of Parliament demanding answers from the government.

The group included Destiny Church members and failed politicians Sue Grey and Brad Flutey. Flutey was only days ago turned away from the southern border of Kaeo. Flutey has also made threats against Tai Tokerau leader, Hone Harawira. 

However, regardless of the calls and demands for MPs to come out to face them, the protest only attracted onlookers from inside parliamentary walls.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is not swayed by the crowd's vitriol towards the government, saying the people are "not representative of the vast bulk of New Zealanders."

It wasn't till the end of a bunch of strangely Trump/Tamaki-like speeches that a  hidden agenda was revealed, with leaders saying their return to the building may be as a "Freedom NZ" .