Political year commences as MPs converge on Rātana Pā

By Maiki Sherman

The Labour Party had one focus when it arrived at Rātana Pā, to walk in sync with the Mōrehu people on the political pathway.

Although David Cunliffe is new here as leader, Labour certainly has a local stronghold here and it's evident that won't dwindle anytime soon.

For the Māori Party, severing ties was their focus, not with the Mōrehu people, but rather their own government ally, National.

Indeed it's an election year and the Māori Party are focussing on the battle ahead.

It's a divide that will undoubtedly be on John Key's mind as his support parties dwindle.

While the political year started off with a bang, and that's all the politics from Rātana Pā for now, it will continue on Waitangi Day in just two weeks.