Polls show it's a close battle between Davis and Harawira for Tai Tokerau electorate

By Maiki Sherman

A major upset could be ahead for Hone Harawira in the Māori electorate of Te Tai Tokerau, given the close battle between him and Kelvin Davis according to our Māori Television poll results.

Hone Harawira is still leading the electorate on 38%.  However Kelvin Davis is on 37%, so there is just 1% between them.

No doubt, Hone Harawira's knees will be shaking from those numbers and so too will Internet-MANA. 

Well behind is Te Hira Paenga for the Māori Party on 9%, while Clinton Dearlove who is standing as an independent in this competition is on 1%.

There's not much to savour in the undecided lot, just 9%, while non-voters or those that wouldn't vote for any of these candidates is 5%.

The question is, what do Hone Harawira and Kelvin Davis have to say about the close race for the seat of Te Tai Tokerau?