Polynesian voyaging canoe re-connects with the Moriori people

The crew of the Polynesian voyaging canoe, Te Matau ā Māui are rekindling a lost connection with the Moriori people, as they sail to the Chatham Islands for the first time.

It's a voyage that will see the 15-strong crew using traditional navigating techniques.

It's a journey of over 400 nautical miles to the Chatham Islands where the crew will meet with the Moriori people.

The crew is varied and includes people of all ages both men and women, and a lot of the crew on board have genealogical links to the Moriori people.

Living in such close quarters as these with very little space, means keeping everything tidy.

To keep harmony on board everyone chips in and pulls their weight.

The voyage is a good opportunity for young voyagers to test themselves and learn the craft in real life situations.

The crew hopes to keep it's Moriori connection alive by making this voyage an annual event.