Porirua local sets record straight after water bomb video goes viral

updated By Te Ao Māori News

A viral video of a man performing a 'Manu' bomb in Wellington has reached staggering hits online. Te Kāea sought out the guy responsible for the huge water bomb and found him. Some viewers however are doubting that he's the person responsible, so we caught up with him to give him the opportunity to set the record straight.

A fear of heights has never been an issue for Tamati Mikaere.

"First started jumping when I was five off cliffs, waterfalls, bridges. All trying to follow in the footsteps of family pretty much, and it just became a real entertaining thing for me," says Mikaere.

Mr Mikaere, aged 30 from Manaia, has made an impressive splash online with his water bomb also known as "The Manu". A water bombing technique that simulates a bird taking flight.

"Weight placement's a lot of it and timing and practise," Mikaere explains.

Mikaere's cousin, Shannon Te Pania filmed the bomb during a family day out at Queens Wharf in Wellington.

After the video was uploaded to YouTube it quickly got thousands of views on social media.  Te Kāea shared the video onto our Facebook page and it got over 700 shares.

Mikaere says, "I didn’t even know, basically I was just told. Didn't know it would've hit so big."

Mikaere has confirmed it’s definitely him in the video but some people have voiced their doubts.

"A lot of people taking credit and everything but you know it's up to them bro," says Mikaere.

This time round Tamati Mikaere will perform the "Manu Bomb" with a volleyball to prove to everyone it was him.