Possible treaty for indigenous people of Queensland

By Regan Paranihi

The Ngaragwal tribe are the local Aboriginal people of the Gold Coast. They are in negotiations with the Queensland Government to establish a treaty.

This will be a state treaty and is the first of its kind. It is also one that is welcomed by this tribe in the hope to get some sort of redemption for their ancestors.

This is a significant milestone that could see the aboriginal people recognised in their own native land.

Ngarangwal descendant, Justine Dillon says, "This is a blank slate it's the first time they've even considered this."

But for now, this is something only the Queensland government are considering.

"Step one was talking about the option of having one giant overarching treaty for all of us where we have all common goals as state and as indigenous people with the state," Dillon says.

Anthony Dillion (Ngarangwal Community) says he's been fighting the fight his father once fought and now it’s time for the rest of the indigenous community to get on board the bus.

"I believe there are three buses there's the native title bus there's the treaty bus and the sovereignty bus and we need to be on every bus."

Justine says the Premier and the Deputy Premier of Queensland have played a major role in establishing a possible treaty for the native people of the state.

"They've done amazing work with indigenous people for the last few years.

“Commendable work and their next step was to work on a treaty for the aboriginal people of Queensland."

The Treaty of Waitangi stands as an example for them.

Anthony Dillon explains, "The Labour government are saying “let's do a treaty” so we are looking offshore, where good things happened, and bad things, and let's see, if we can use that as a model.”

Justine Dillion concludes, "The British Columbia and the treaty of Waitangi to guide us, guiding principles of what we can do for our indigenous people here in Australia.”

The discussions will continue to take place until a decision on the matter is made.