Postponements not cancellations - NZMRL tournaments

By James Perry

NZMRL hold just the four rugby league tournaments every year.  Last week they reaffirmed their decision to postpone, rather than cancel the Rangatahi and Teina tournaments due to be held in May and July respectively.

NZMRL Chairperson John Devonshire says, “We thought we could err on the side of caution, rather than make a wholehearted decision to cancel for the year, and that's what we chose to do postpone. And that's subject to all the provisions being covered and ticking the boxes off the status, of course.”

While a new date for the Teina tournament, originally set for the 10-12 July in Hāwera, will be set once further details become clear, TMRL chair Wayne Capper says the local community are still excited by the possibility of still hosting the tournament.

“It doesn't change a hell of a lot, it's just a bit of re-planning. The whānau down here are still excited at the possible opportunity to host that tournament.

"It's business as per usual but just kind of planning in the background just in case we do get that all clear in a couple of months, and we’re not leaving things till the last minute.”