Potential for NZ primary industries in India - Key

By Heta Gardiner

Prime Minister John Key will today meet with the Indian Prime Minister to talk about establishing a Fair Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries. Fenderation of Maōri Authorities (FOMA) chair Traci Houpapa says such an agreement will reap rewards for Māori, but will India be receptive to it?

It was a long-delayed trek, but the Prime Minister has finally arrived in India. With the weight of huge expectations riding on his negotiations.

Advancing talks on a Free Trade Agreement is at the top of John Key's agenda when he meets Prime Minister Modi. Now trading with India isn't as profitable as it could be, because of tariffs. John Key says having an FTA with India would be very profitable for Māori.

Key says, “ Some of our really core areas which is food and beverage which is absolutely true for the Māori economy, they are involved very heavily in the primary industries those are areas that are not that well represented in India so you can see the potential.”

FOMA Ceo Traci Haupapa is a part of the Prime Minister's delegation and she also sees great opportunities for Māori in India.

“The conversations being led by our PM with India will prove over time great value in the market for Māori and New Zealand. The figures show around 1 - 2 trillion dollars of unmet market need. “

But even putting his best foot forward, this will be an uphill battle for John Key.

“They are in the same position in terms of not signing a FTA with the EU, Australia, the EU and also the United States,” says Key.

The Prime Minister flies out of New Delhi on Thursday night, India time.