Prime Minister calls on country to watch out for rule breakers

By Te Ao - Māori News

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has put her foot down and is calling on the nation to look out for rule breakers following the recent positive community cases.

At a press conference this afternoon the prime minister said if people needed to call a family member or work colleague out for not following the rules, "then we should do that."

"I'm asking everyone, now more than ever, to continue to back and support one another," Ardern said.

"As we enter our second full day of alert level restrictions, I know many continue to feel upset and frustrated and angry about the multiple rule breaches that we have seen in recent days."

Ardern says this is not the first time the country has faced this kind of issue.

"Every time we've had community outbreaks we have had breaches and we have recovered from them," she said.

"It is not appropriate and it is not okay for members of the team of five million to let the rest of us down. Prosecution is a matter for police, not politicians, but it's always been my view that New Zealand's success in beating this virus has been based on high rates of compliance and low rates of tolerance for rule-breaking."

Ardern is also expected to announce the government's review on Pharmac tomorrow.