Prime Minister continues to reject allegations in Dirty Politics book

By Maiki Sherman

The Prime Minister is continuing to turn his nose up at allegations within the book, Dirty Politics, written by investigative journalist Nicky Hager.

The allegations arose from thousands of documents such as emails which show attack style politics from some of the Prime Minister's  Staff, Ministers and National supporters, towards their opponents.

As John Key announces an exhibition commemorating the First World War, he's contending with his own war regarding serious allegations in the book "Dirty Politics". However instead of taking a front-line approach, John Key is refusing to look into the allegations. 

Despite the severity of the allegations towards John Key and his staff, including some Ministers, he isn't interested. Instead, the Prime Minister has turned his focus to discredit the author, Nicky Hager.

Hone Harawira is one of those mentioned in the book as Whale Oil blogger, Cameron Slater, speaks of having information that would "derail" the campaigns of both Hone Harawira and Kim Dotcom. Harawira says it's not right that the Prime Minister disregards the allegations.  

“He is trying to discredit the integrity of the book, but the entire country has purchased a copy because they know that the author is no liar,” says Hone Harawira.

John Key and co will undoubtedly be hoping the story dies down given it is now the weekend, however, there's no mistaking the battle for the election won't end there.