Prince Harry performs haka and pulls up a hāngi

By Taroi Black

Prince Harry performed his debut haka today after attending Linton Military Camp this morning.

The day for the Prince was filled with cultural activities as well as learning how to pull up a hāngi.

It was the moment of truth as Prince Harry marched into a battle of a different kind.

It was history in the making for a member of the Royal Family to be taught a haka and a moment the whole country was waiting for.

There was no "royal treatment" here.  The Prince was given a brief introduction with Sergeant Major Brent Pene before undertaking a 20-minute practise.

Prince Harry's no stranger to the Defence Force and before too long he became a natural at the haka.

Shannon Shattock says, “He realised how powerful the haka is and he got a good understanding of how significant the haka is to the New Zealand Army.”

Just like that, the Prince was onto his next journey.

Earlier on in the day, he was involved with Te Kapa Haka o Kairanga where he was first welcomed onto the Linton Camp.

Jason Sturling says, “Fantastic guy, he's down to earth. Very genuine and he's a people's person.”

It wouldn't have been a true Māori cultural day without a traditional feast with the Prince getting his hands dirty alongside the New Zealand Defence Force as they pulled up the hāngi.