Prominent New Zealanders launch "Talk Treaty" exhibition

By Lynette Amoroa

Kāpiti College Student Finnian Gilbraith stole the limelight recently during Māori Language week when he released a video emphasising the importance of correctly pronouncing te reo Māori.

Last night he did it again at the launch of the "Talk Treaty" exhibition, receiving a standing ovation from academics when he put a challenge to the Prime Minister.

A number of prominent New Zealanders launched the "Talk Treaty" Exhibition last night, conducted by Dr Gareth Morgan.

An exhibition that will tour the country to provide a range of views on one of the most-debated subjects.

Dame Tariana Turia says, “In a way, we've got to get it right.  We've got to start having people, having discussions, having the debate, having the understanding, so we can move forward on the basis of building a nationhood.”

For 15-year-old Kāpiti College student, nationhood starts from the top.

Going forward, Gareth Morgan hopes to draft a constitution by looking at what New Zealanders value, while honouring the Treaty at the same time.