Protesters demand release of full text of TPPA deal

By Taroi Black

A group of protesters stormed into Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Auckland headquarters today, demanding that the full text of the TPPA deal be released to the public. 

The group called 'Show Us Ya Text' is conducting a nationwide search with a quirky twist.

They have around 800 followers on Facebook and are conducting a nationwide search for the full text of the TPP trade deal.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a proposed regional free trade deal between 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Negotiations began in 2005 and were supposed to be concluded in 2012, but some issues have been so contentious the parties have not been able to agree.  The most recent round of highly secretive talks happened last year in Canada.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade says the TPPA is a good thing.  It says the agreement will deepen economic ties by opening up trade in goods and services, boosting investment flows, and promoting closer links across a range of economic policy and regulatory issues.  However, critics say the deal will undermine New Zealand's sovereignty.

'Show Us Ya Text' will continue protesting in Wellington if the full text of the TPPA hasn't been released by the end of the month.