Protestors crash National's Christmas party

By Korōria Taumaunu

A party for the party of the well-off was the target for these protestors with a point to make. Around 30 people stormed the gates of the National Party's Christmas Party venue, chaining themselves in an attempt to be heard.

“Well we think that National doesn’t deserve to have a happy little Christmas Party celebrating, while everyday things are getting worse for people who are welfare, and people who are unemployed, people that have got nowhere to live. In fact this government just doesn’t care” says protestor, Sue Bradford.

The activist and former MP for the Green Party and a candidate for the Mana Party says poverty, unemployment and a lack of housing is at a crisis point and the government's welfare reforms are to blame.

According to Sue Bradford, “We have a crisis here in Auckland, every day we have people coming in who have nowhere to live. The government has no responsibility for housing them. Everyday people are fighting with Work and Income just to get enough to survive and often just being turned away with no money at all. We see the face of what’s happening.

It won't be a Merry Christmas for all, a point these protesters will continue to labour until there is a change in government.