Questions circulate as to Harawira’s whereabouts

Questions about Hone Harawira's whereabouts have been on the rise, with only two weeks to go until the General Election. 

The Party's solidarity has also been questioned after one of their own candidates, Georgina Beyer who is standing in the Tai Tonga electorate, came out publicly just the other day, critical of Harawira flip-flopping on the party’s stance on cannabis, and stating that was instead pulling the strings, not Hone.

However today, Hone told Te Kāea that he's been far from missing in action this week, and neither has he compromised any of the party’s values.

It's been a week of conflicting messages within the Internet-MANA camp, beginning with one of MANA's own candidates expressing concerns over u-turns made by her leader on cannabis policy and it wasn't the leader himself who negated the claims but instead his second in command.

Since then Hone's labour competitor has been highly critical about being missing in action at such a crucial time.

However Hone was prompt in agreeing to respond to Te Kāea today.

As for the claim made by Georgina in regard to Hone's u-turn on anti-cannabis values he's long held, Hone affirmed today that Internet and MANA do have their own specific policy surrounding the 'drug' issue, but there is one point they’re both on the same page with.

"Internet have their policies, we have ours, the one thing that we do agree on is that cannabis should be allowed to be used for medical purposes," says Hone Harawira.