The race is on for the Northland seat

By Maiki Sherman

There's certainly going to be a battle here in the Northland electorate this Saturday and if Winston Peters wins the seat it will be the first major upset for John Key's government. That's why the Prime Minister arrived in Northland today, in the hope of holding on to this electorate.

The Prime Minister's been called in to help save National in Northland.

Winston Peters' bus is certainly in the lead, according to a TV3 poll by 20%. 

Peters says National has been burying the issue regarding Mike Sabin for too long, essentially digging its own grave.

It's clear Mark Osborne is feeling the pressure.

Despite the polls, Winston Peters isn't counting his kumara before the harvest. 

A group of youngsters in Moerewa have one challenge for the politicians and that's to focus on the leaders of tomorrow. 

Te Kauri McPherson of Ngāpuhi and Ngāti Manu says "We need more after school programmes for youth to help keep them off the streets and on the right path."

Those politicians need to sit down with our youngsters as role models and show us how to get ahead.

There's certainly a big job ahead for the victor, whoever that may be.