Radio host, musician and haka performer crowned Miss Rotorua 2020

By Jessica Tyson

Atutahi Potaka Dewes has been crowned the new Miss Rotorua 2020.

Dewes, of Te Arawa and Samoan descent, is a radio host for Te Arawa FM. She’s also a musician and kapa haka performer and has represented Aotearoa on the international haka stage. 

The 27-year-old fluent te reo speaker has also been involved in the musical and stage-play industry. Last night she stole the hearts of everyone in the audience when she sang a waiata for her talent.

As part of the Miss Rotorua competition, Dewes, helped support the Linton Park Community Centre operating in Rotorua. A range of community organisations operate from the building including church groups, play groups, craft groups and rehabilitative groups.

Watch Tapatahi on Monday, September 28 to watch the interview with Miss Rotorua 2020, Atutahi Potaka Dewes.

Miss Te Arawa 2020

Miss Te Arawa 2020 Ngahuia Hona Paku /  Photographer: Mark Robotham

The title of Miss Te Arawa went to Ngahuia Hona Paku who is also a kapa haka performer.

Paku, 25, has a passion for sports and recreation. She says she entered the pageant to become a role model for other women, to build her confidence and become her greatest self.

As a contestant, Paku raised funds for Dress for Success Rotorua.

Mrs Rotorua 2020 Anita Cole Coles / Photographer: Mark Robotham

Mrs Rotorua 2020

Mrs Rotorua was won by a married mother-of-two, Anita Cole Coles, who entered the pageant to build more self-confidence and be part of something that helps the community.

Coles is a recovered methamphetamine user and has been clean for three years. As a contestant, she raised funds to support the charity, Meth o Mana Roopu. 

She works for an agriculture cooperative in Reporoa and hopes to inspire other women who have suffered with trauma.

Miss Mana Wahine 2020, Anahera Rangitoheriri / Photographer: Mark Robotham

Miss Mana Wahine 2020

Also supporting Meth in Mana Roopu was is the winner of Miss Mana Wahine 2020, 20-year-old Anahera Rangitoheriri, of Ngāti Pikiao.

Rangitoheriri is the first beauty pageant contestant in the world to wear moko kauae. She is a descendant of the great rangatira Pikiao and is a singer and performer for Mitai Village.

She says her whānau have been a great support to her Miss Rotorua journey. She entered the pageant, not just for herself, but for other young girls to "show the world beauty in all its forms".

Ani Taare is Miss Teen Rotorua 2020 / Photographer: Mark Robotham

Miss Teen Rotorua 2020

Rotorua Girls High student Ani Taare was is the new Miss Teen Rotorua 2020.

Taare, of Te Arawa and Ngāti Rangiwewehi, is her grandmother’s namesake. As a passionate sports player, she says she has never had anything to do with fashion or beauty pageants before entering Miss Rotorua 2020.

She also surprised her whānau when she told them she wanted to pursue the pageant, says Miss Rotorua director Kharl Wirepa.

As part of her talent, Taare performed a basketball presentation and the charity she supported was Parkinsons Central Plateau.

Devki Oza is Miss Multicultural Rotorua 2020/ Photographer: Mark Robotham

Miss Multicultural Rotorua 2020 

Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology student Devki Oza, of Indian descent, is the winner of Miss Multicultural Rotorua 2020. 

Oza, 22, says she entered the pageant to learn more about the culture of Te Arawa and to become more confident.

She has completed her studies for health and rehabilitation and works as a retail assistant. She also raised funds for the Linton Park Community Centre throughout the duration of the pageant.


  • MISS ROTORUA 2020: Atutahi Potaka Dewes
  • MISS TE ARAWA 2020: Ngahuia Hona Paku
  • Mrs Rotorua 2020 Anita Cole
  • Miss Mana Wāhine 2020 Anahera Rangitoheriri
  • Miss Teen Rotorua 2020 Ani Taare
  • Miss Multicultural Rotorua Devki Oza

More to come. Tune in to Tapatahi on Monday, September 28 to watch the interview with Miss Rotorua 2020, Atutahi Potaka Dewes.