Rain eases temporarily in Wellington region

Bad weather has temporarily eased in the Wellington region however flooding and damage caused by flooding remains a major issue, with more rain expected.

Police and other emergency services have worked through the night to ensure the safety and well-being of communities affected.

One person was found dead last night in the flood waters and Acting District Commander Paul Basham says, “We are continuing to work with the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office and the NZ Transport Agency to ensure our communities and motorists are safe in affected areas”

Drivers have been advised to stay off Kapiti and Hutt Valley roads wherever possible, and have requested that motorists reconsider their normal commuting patterns today.

Police say they expect roads and State Highways to be congested and damaged.

Train services are still off the cards for commuters as the tracks will be assessed for damage.

Meanwhile Taranaki Police have reported surface flooding on many roads in the area and have warned motorist to reduce speeds.

Police have asked if you do not need to be travelling or out on the roads today to remain at home.