Range anxiety not an issue for EVRoam

By Tema Hemi

Electric car owners will now be able to travel the distance without the fear of running out of power. This follows the launch of a new initiative EVRoam which provides drivers information on where to find charging stations around the country.

The electric car craze is expected to take off even more with the launch of the new data. 

Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter says, "EVRoam will deliver real time information to tell you, where you can find reliable electric charging stations right around the country, and it's aiming to give those who are using electric cars trustworthy data about charging station locations, the compatibility, whether or not it's active or otherwise offline."

The electric vehicle (EV) might be cheaper than getting a petrol-run car, but there's still the fear of the unknown. 

Genter says, "We all know one of the biggest barriers for people choosing electric cars is the fear of range anxiety.  The idea you'll end up somewhere, battery power near zero, no idea where the nearest charging station is."

But for these Auckland-bound electric car owners it has been a great investment, especially following the recent petrol price increase in the region.

EV owner Kathryn Graham says, "I've had the electric car since December so about eight months now and I don''t know how much money Ive saved but it's fantastic."

Another EV owner, Stephen Guyan says, "In the first year of owning it I've saved at least $3,000 in fuel compared to the previous year of owning two petrol diesel type vehicles."

Since the first model was introduced to New Zealand in 2013 there are over eight thousand EVs now driving on our roads.

Guyan says, "We're pretty lucky in Auckland at the moment- there's free charging with Vector, they're fast charges so charging is free.  If you're charging at home, charge it overnight to 100%.  It costs a couple of dollars."

The main attraction for a buyer is usually style and speed, but for Graham the pros weigh outweigh the cons. 

"It's kinda like driving a glorified golf buggy.  You just basically put them into gear and they just go.  They're great at the lights because you can just drag everybody off."

EVRoam is available online at the Land and Transport Agency and AA websites and will be available via an app by the end of this year.