Rawiri Paratene supports his daughter's actions

Marama Davidson's father Rawiri Paratene admits he was concerned for his daughter's safety, but says he supports her and the women aboard the Zaytouna-Olivia in protest against the Gaza strip blockade.

New Zealand actor Paratene told Te Kāea he too has been to Gaza and witnessed the living conditions first hand.

"I've performed in Gaza in Ramallah in Palestine and it’s not good there. I saw the wall that they're building around Jerusalem we were right by it and it’s not good so yeah I tautoko my girl and all of those women on the boat who went there to support the women and the children there."

The Green Party MP arrived home this morning after being detained by Israeli security forces and deported back to New Zealand.

"It’s never a good feeling for a parent to wake up to hear that one of your kids has been arrested especially in a different country so yeah that was a worrying time."

Davidson was one of 13 women who were part of a flotilla in international waters off the coast, of Gaza. Speaking from the Auckland International airport this morning Davidson said she's willing to return and continue her ongoing commitment to peace in Israel and Palestine.

"Absolutely, my work will continue as it has for years to stand against oppression, against all forms of war and violence, and to yearn for enduring peace in Israel and Palestine, and that will not come with a blockade over Gaza," Davidson said.

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