Recovery Assistance Centre to open in Dunedin following floods

Flooding in Dunedin - Photo / file

South Dunedin residents who were affected by last week's floods will receive more support when a Recovery Assistance Centre will open in the area tomorrow.

The decision to open the centre was made by the Dunedin City Council, due to ongoing demand.  It will be located at the Church of Christ Hall, 3 Prince Albert Road and will open tomorrow at 10am until 4pm with a late night on Thursday.

Dunedin City Council Recovery Manager Ruth Stokes says, “We are committed to doing what we can to arrange assistance for those most affected by the floods.”

Stokes says there are three phases in the recovery programme.  They are:

  • Setting up the Recovery Centre
  • Direct contact with residents and businesses
  • Working with social services to co-ordinate advice and support

Members of the public, including some retail store owners remain in cleaning mode as there are still large amounts of flood damaged material.  They are being advised to either dispose of those items or get them professionally cleaned and sterilised.

For general recovery and clean up information, visit