Redemption found for Mokomoko family

By Ripeka Timutimu

For 150 years, the Mokomoko family has lived in shame, and today signalled the beginning of change.

In 1866, Mokomoko was executed by the government for the murder of missionary Carl Volkner.

Te Whakatōhea was further punished with the confiscation of much of their land.

According to Pita Biddle, “We've shed all our tears. For me, it's good to see our young ones here with us and to see an end to this injustice.”

Waiariki MP, Te Ururoa Flavell, had some encouraging words to share in the House.

“We've heard and understand that you want claim settled independently. Why? Because of the all struggles the whānau has had to face.

I've heard the stories and we will take this further with the minister.”

However, the Minister of Treaty Negotiations wasn't in the House today, so the family may have to wait and see if compensation is on the cards.

Before he died, Mokomoko said “I die an innocent man. Farewell Pākehā. So be it”, and today those words were finally realised.