High hopes for The GC’s 2nd season

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

The highly anticipated Māori reality television show "The GC" will be airing its second season tonight.

The show made famous for its slang and well-oiled buff actors is expected to make top spot in ratings tonight, after a successful first season.

According to cast member Alby Waititi, “A lot more Māori this season, a lot more substance as well.  It gives more details into our lives and none of us hold back.”

The shows first season developed a bit of backlash for portraying Māori in a bad way, but Alby says they are committed to changing that.

“When they say we need to talk more Māori on the show we're all happy to do that.

A few of us speak Te Reo on the show.  It’s broken up though between English and Māori.  You've also got Cole learning some taiaha, and Nate Waikato learning some te reo as well.”

Alby says this season is going to be the best by far.

“It’s all about the ups this season, there’s a lot of make-ups and a few break-ups and even some wake-ups for some of the cast members.”

You can catch Episode 1 of Season Two here.