Regional Fuel Tax has Aucklanders under the pump

By Tema Hemi

Aucklanders are feeling the pinch today as petrol prices went up by 10 cents per litre. The regional fuel tax in Auckland took effect as of today. 

It's an initiative pumped out by the Labour government and Minister of Transport Phil Twyford. The Ministry of Transport says significant investment is required to meet identified regional transport needs but the public say prices are too high.

The National Party says Aucklanders will be paying a total of up to $1.5 billion more for petrol. 

Its Transport spokesperson Jami-Lee Ross says its low-income families that will be hit hard in the pocket. They even went as far to say, if they were to get into govt at the next election they would repeal the tax. 

But for now, that's no help to locals here in Auckland.

Today Te Kāea visited some petrol stations in the region to see what the public had to say about petrol prices.

Here's what some Aucklanders had to say:

"I'm quite upset about it considering its just for Aucklanders, I feel we pay a bit for everything else already and now on top of that it's like 11cents more per litre. It's really going to affect the way that I fill my car up."

"I feel for the families on low incomes, I mean they wouldn't be able to afford the petrol prices now I think its to high."

"It's already hard for a taxi business, with the price going up its so very hard for everybody especially for a taxi business."

"The gas price is not very nice for people. Poor people rich people its no different. Struggle all of the time, no bread no butter, family not very good."