Remarkable Māori film explores Second World War

By Harata Brown

“God King and Country” is a short film that was produced by a Māori Postgraduate who completed his master's degree in Media Production at the University of Technology, Sydney.

The film is based on a true story about Edison Wineera, a direct descendant of prominent Ngāti Toa chief, Te Rauparaha.

Edison's story was retold by his widow, Myra Wineera, to the film's director and writer, Chris Barber.

Within the story, the viewer is given a glimpse into the lives of four Māori soldiers as they prepare to fight in the Second World War.

A remarkable scene in the film sees all four soldiers sitting in a war trench, with only one bullet, as they are surrounded by German soldiers.

The self-funded film “God, King and Country” had a cast and crew viewing in Sydney and the director now hopes to take the film to international film festivals.