Reo Māori song E Kī takes over social media

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

With over 34,000 views on Facebook alone, Rei and his new song E Kī has hip-hop lovers across the country rapping in te reo Māori and will be releasing a Reo Māori EP.

Te Reo Māori in Mainstream hip-hop has always been the dream for this descendant of Ngāti Huia and it's popular on social media.

Maisey Rika, Rob Ruha and Alien Weaponry are just some musicians who have influenced him, Rei wants to be that voice in hip-hop. 

Rei was propelled into the music scene when he released his song Hundy club in 2016 and is now using his influence to push te reo Māori to the forefront. 

He says there will always be criticism but knowing that he's contributing to the revitalisation of the māori language means so much more.

Rei's new Māori Language EP Rangatira will be released at the end of the month.