Reo Māori will benefit economy

By Mānia Clarke

An ANZ banker says valuing and learning the Māori language could be beneficial to the Māori economy. Hamiora Jackson, who is non-Māori, says his journey to learning te reo Māori has created good business practices and relationships with Māori.

Although Hāmiora Jackson is from English, Welsh and Scottish heritage, he's passionate about the Māori language and customs.

Hāmiora Jackson, ANZ Relationship Advisor says, “Relationships between people is the most important thing.  I see it as a priority, and great treasure to understand other nationalities.”

He's been a banker with ANZ for over 10 years, and believes learning the Māori language is good business practice.

Jackson says, “Good companies who are innovative, know and understand, like us, that they need to value the Māori language and Māori customs, because Māori are your customers.”

Hēmi Dale from Te Puna Wānanga at Auckland University says, we should learn more than two languages.

Head Lecturer of Te Puna Wānanga Dale, says, “If we want to grow the New Zealand economy and relationships with people and countries around the world, it's right that we speak English, Māori and learn another foreign language.”

Haami Jackson and Hēmi Dale believe more Māori language speakers will make a significant contribution to growing the Māori economy which is currently worth over $40 billion dollars.