Report reveals misleading info by Police in Roast Busters case

By Harata Brown

It was through boasting online about having sex with young teens that the Roast Busters were brought to media attention.

When the story broke at the end of last year, police initially said they couldn't investigate the teen sex group's alleged actions because a formal complaint hadn't been laid. It soon emerged a young girl had complained in 2011, but her case wasn't followed up.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority noted the police failed to rectify the problem until after contradictory information emerged in the media. The executive director of Rape Education Prevention says it will be great if the police learn from this to ensure all young people have confidence in the police.  

The report states no individual officer can be blamed for the error, because it was a collective breakdown in communication. Labour's police spokesman says this raises red flags for Police Minister, Anne Tolley.

The results of the first part of the report which looks in to the police's handling of the Roast Buster case won't be made public until the police's current investigation into the group is complete.