Residents urged to be vigilant following home invasions

By Heeni Brown

Pensioners living at a South Auckland housing village have been the targets of crime recently.

Their homes have been burgled so many times, one resident is now afraid to sleep in his own home. However some residents are fed up and have taken action.

In Otara Court, where elderly residents like 62 year old Valentine Ryland-Osborn Elderle lives,

She says in the last month there have been nearly five home invasions in the area.

Valentine says residents met with police over the weekend about the recent burglaries,

Following that, she urged her neighbours to be more diligent about the types of whānau and friends they invite into their home

Residents have still got no confirmation from the council on whether or not extra security measures will take place,

But that doesn't mean residents are just sitting around and not doing anything about it.

Kathleen says most problems that are seen here are linked to the residents who live here, hence the urge to the elderly residents here to be extra careful.