Resilience Hub website provides tools to navigate trauma

A digital resource to help children, youth and families navigate through trauma, loss and grief has been launched.

Skylight Resilience Hub offers online training content and access to tools to help people get through difficult times.

NZ has one of the highest rates of suicide in the developed world according to Unicef.  But now a new wrap around service aims to offer help. 

Skylight CEO Heather Henare says, "This is about making sure that there is a central place that anyone can go on that are going through a tough time that they can look up some resources, some information, watch a web series but if they want to they can actually contact an agency in their area."

Resilience Hub provides online resources, including a web-series for dealing with issues from abuse, loss and grief to suicide, trauma and illness.

"They can go online, they can search through age group or they can search through subject.  They can explore what training is available but they can also connect with community contacts within their own community" says Henare. 

Haley Grace Hollis knows first-hand what it's like to lose someone to suicide.  She has lost four of her own siblings.

"It's becoming too common, we need to come together as whānau, community, not just rely on the system and the services because sometimes they can't always be there.  But with this Resilience Hub that skylight has come up.  It gives another forum for our people."

Henare hopes the platform will help save lives.

"I think if the hub saves one person that's a good thing.  I think the hub has potential to work with tens and thousands of families at any one time."