Returned stolen battery brings joy to Pompe sufferer

By Tema Hemi

A South Auckland elderly woman's plea to the public to help locate a stolen battery that charges her Bipap (breathing machine) has helped and was returned to her today. The battery was one of many items that were stolen, the battery is unique and can not be purchased in any local outlet. 

This sufferer of Pompe disease is thankful that someone shed a thought for her well-being. For 26 years Donna has lived at her residence in Tui Rd, Papatoetoe and it’s the second time she has been burgled. 

Freda Donna had this to say about getting her battery back, "I'm so happy, tino hari koa, tino tino hari koa. You are not leaving my sight ever again." (as she looks down at the battery)

The experience has deeply affected her in many ways she says, "The fact that someone has come into my house, has seen all the photos and everything I have in my house. They've gone into my bedroom opened up all my drawers seen what I have in my drawers, what I have in my wardrobe, all the clothes that I wear, ngā mea katoa."

NZ Police have issued warnings to the public to be vigilant throughout these holidays and say, "Police are reminding residents that the Christmas and holiday season is a popular time of year for opportunistic burglars.

Police say to - 
Make sure your house, vehicles, sheds and garages are secured at all times and use effective catches and locks. Don't leave a spare door key hidden outside. Invest in an alarm and security lighting.

Police are advising people to check their website for more tips on how to keep you and your property safe during these holidays.