Review panel into Silver Ferns announced

By James Perry

The panel who will review the Silver Ferns' disastrous Commonwealth Games has been announced.

The Silver Ferns returned from the Commonwealth Games without a medal for the first time ever last month. 

Today a panel was named that will review why.

Lawyer Don Mackinnon will chair the three person panel.  Joining him will be America's Cup sailor, and Team New Zealand Chief Operating Officer Kevin Shoebridge, who Mackinnon says is "heavily involved in both the highs and lows of Team New Zealand- and that review experience we think will be incredibly useful on the panel".

The third member of the panel is former Silver Fern Linda Vagana.

"[She] is predominantly the netball representative, a former great player of the sport.  Strong background in business, strong background in the Māori/Pasifika community," says Mackinnon.

As someone who knows the sport at its highest level, Mackinnon feels she is a good choice. 

"We wanted to get the balance of someone who's played at the very highest level, but was still connected with the sport now to be contemporary.  She provides that link".

Mackinnon says there are two parts of the review.

"First part of the review is very much around the campaign.  The second part is more around the high performance pathway within netball and how well that's working.  That's the second phase and that will be throughout the course of the year".

McKinnon is expecting the first part of the review to be completed by June.

Netball New Zealand says the review will cover a period from January 2016, and will have a wide scope, ranging from the Silver Ferns coaches, players and management through to the management and Board of Netball NZ as well as the ANZ Premiership.