Rise in domestic violence over Xmas

By Dean Nathan

Only a day away from Christmas and another young mum has died at the hands of a male which has triggered the domestic violence statistics the country faces.

19 months have passed since the body of 21-year-old Ashlee Edwards was found under a bridge in Whangarei.  It's alleged that her former partner murdered her, leaving behind two young children.

Annually over 400 people are arrested on Christmas day alone for acts of violence. The Labour Party alleges that the Govt is not publicly reporting family violence statistics or providing the resources needed to address the problem.

White Ribbon Day has taken place six years now with major marches across the nation in reaction to the high rate of deaths, mainly women, to violence. 

This year, the Northland District Health Board launched a range of DVDs to create a wider public awareness on the issue.

Of utmost importance, Christmas is solely about taking care of family.