Roast Busters investigation outcome prompts call for law change

By Ripeka Timutimu

The Green Party are calling for a law change to make it safer for victims of sexual abuse to lay complaints against their alleged attackers.

Metiria Turei grilled the Government over the fallout of the Roast Busters saga, and it looks like the Māori Party and Labour are rallying behind.

With nine children of her own, the Roast Busters saga is hard reading for Marama Fox.

“These boys took advantage of girls that were too inebriated to stop what was happening and exploited it on TV and they also should be made to apologise,” says Marama Fox.

The decision by police to not further investigate the case has brought about criticism amongst politicians, who say victims are being victimised again within our own legal system.

“The ability of these women to bring their cases out, to feel like they can put their trust in their system can be quite a hostile environment,” says Marama Fox.

Minister for Police Michael Woodhouse was missing from the House, so Simon Bridges took the heat, though he wasn't prepared to make any promises on behalf of the Government.

However he did say that Minister of Justice Amy Adams would look at the laws and how victims could be better helped within that system.

Next month a petition will be presented to the Government by a group called Action Station to conduct a formal review over the decision by police to stop any further investigation into the Roast Busters saga.