Rotorua claim win over Hamilton Boys High in touch tournament

By Te Ao Māori News

Despite the wet weather conditions the match quickly kicked-off with both teams displaying fast footwork and hand speed.

Hamilton Boys took swift control of the ball which resulted in gaps instantly found in Rotorua's defense and a try shortly scored.  Hamilton kept applying the pressure and crossed the line to score another try.

Rotorua Boys quickly found their feet, however still struggled to cross Hamilton’s try line.

Moments later Rotorua regained the ball and threw a long pass to the wing which added their first point to the score board.

Both teams continued to battle it out on the field and finally after 40mins of solid play the score sat even at 4 all.  The game then went through to a drop out and within the first few minutes Rotorua Boys scored and won, 5-4.

Rotorua boys were also the winners of the Māori Touch Tournament last week too.