Rotorua coach says banning boxing not the answer

The New Zealand Medical Association today said it supports the World Medical Association's stance that boxing should be banned immediately. 

However, Rotovegas Boxing & Fitness Gym owner Aaron Warren says banning the sport is not the answer.

Boxing has been a lifelong passion of Warren's.

“I think they're jumping the gun.  There should be a process or an investigation into this sport,” he says.

The New Zealand Medical Association strongly supports the World Medical Association's statement that boxing is qualitatively different from other sports because of the injuries it causes.  However, Warren says changes to the sport have been ongoing.

“Safety is number one in everything we do and especially boxing and that is our job as coaches, to protect the fighters at all times, have care and protection.  We can only try harder to ensure they are safe and that's all we can do.” 

Warren says that the protection of boxers whether amateur or professional has always been paramount in all events he has run.

“Headgear is a must.  It's like wearing a life-jacket on a boat or putting your seat-belt on when you get into the car.  You must have headgear and head protection and wearing bigger gloves always help- 18oz gloves going over top, shorting the rounds [to] protect the people.”

Warren says he would like to see better safety regulations around charity boxing events.