Rotorua Summer Seafood Festival big on regulations

The aroma of sizzling seafood is usually the main drawcard for thousands of people to attend the Rotorua Summer Seafood Festival. But stall owners are feeling the heat of another kind.

It's a seafood buffet, presented under strict rules.

Brendon Knight of Soul food caravan who was selling food at the event says “under this new health and safety law, it is very strict and if you don't abide by the rules and do what they say that's it your basically they don't give you any chances now.”

Twenty stallholders are selling products at this event, all have been certified.

Store manager, Joe Dorset of Te Arawa Fisheries who is strong supporters of the event say there are no exceptions. “A lot of the stall holders here today they have been in the game a long time and they're well versed in what's required of them to meet legislation requirements.”

According to Dorset, the regulations are simple. “If you're selling on a mobile site like this having your temperature checks and refrigerator those are the most important things.”

But in front of the stalls, it’s a pleasing outcome, for the satisfied customers.